The United Kingdom Budo Federation

The UKBF is your chance to be a part of a real traditional Japanese style body that is respected and gives respect and already has a strong reputation for its events.

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Affiliation for associations, clubs and
individual practitioners, regardless of grade.

We offer the chance to be a part of a traditional, reputable governing body that grants traditional
Japanese style tuition and authentic grades and titles as well as top quality seminars.


The United Kingdom Budo Federation is a governing body for traditional Japanese and Okinawan martial arts, run with a firm ethos of quality, honesty and good standards.



The UK directors are Mark Wood, Simon Keegan and Julian Mallalieu.


Our criteria is that you must be trained and graded in a recognised Japanese (or Okinawan) system of one of the main Budo styles.

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Latest News & Events

Oct 10th, 2020
Karate History Part 4

The following history is adapted from the book Karate Jutsu by UKBF director Simon Keegan. In part 1  we looked at early indigenous martial arts of the Ryukyu, discussing weapons and armour used on

Sep 28th, 2020
Interview with UKBF co-director Simon Keegan

UKBF founding director, and technical director for Karate Simon Keegan (6th Dan Kyoshi) is interviewed by Scottish Karateka and writer John Clark. John: So the obvious first question, where did