In the UKBF we are bringing back tradition. We believe in strong, traditional Budo, properly taught in the correct environment.

Each year we hold a seminar called Budo Live where up to 100 students get the chance to be taught by senior teachers in Karate, Jujutsu, Aikido and Kobudo.

Every part of our constitution is traditional and in accordance with Japanese Budo – from our grades and titles to our seminars and events. The only difference is we can now reach out to members through a range of media!

The UKBF grew out of Japan’s oldest and most venerable Budo fraternities where the Japanese Royal Family and Shogun dynasty endorsed titles and grades. Our heritage is real, tangible and rich.

The UKBF is your chance to be a part of a real traditional Japanese style body that is respected and gives respect and already has a strong reputation for its events.

If you are a member of a more modern freestyle association, or a newer style, we are happy to talk about helping you move over to more traditional Budo.

Please note, we are not a “diploma mill.” Our directors have worked hard, trained and graded under some of the senior Japanese, Chinese and western masters in the world and as such they do not grant grade lightly! We don’t send out awards by email and we don’t offer “McDojo awards”. All of our grades and titles must be earned – but at the same time we believe in patience, kindness and a friendly manner. We will encourage the right students and teachers to flourish.


The UK directors are Mark Wood, Simon Keegan and Julian Mallalieu.

Grading Criteria

The following grading criteria broadly apply to all divisions. There are some style-specific requirements and some styles such as Iaido typically have a shorter timespan and fewer Kyu grades than, for example Karate. The following are a guide.

Grading Register


The United Kingdom Budo Federation is a governing body for traditional Japanese and Okinawan martial arts, run with a firm ethos of quality, honesty and good standards.

Teaching titles explained

The United Kingdom Budo Federation is honoured to award the traditional Japanese teaching titles (shogo 称号) of Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi.

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Latest News & Events

Aug 10th, 2019
Dan gradings in Batley

The United Kingdom Budo Federation (UKBF) has awarded the grade of 7th Dan Shotokan Karate to Keith Prole Sensei. Keith began his martial arts training at the famous Leeds Budokan

Jul 17th, 2019
Budo Live September 22

The biggest event of the traditional martial arts calendar takes place on September 22 sanctioned by the UKBF. Budo Live returns: