Kobudo is the name given to Okinawa’s weapons styles. The most popular Okinawan weapons include Nunchaku (flails), Bo (staff), Kama (sickle), Tonfa (side-handled baton) and Sai (hand held trident) and other more rare forms include shields, oars, knuckle dusters and spears.

Kobudo (literally “old martial arts”) refers to the traditional weapons systems of Okinawa. Common Kobudo weapons are the Bo, Sai, Nunchaku, Tonfa and Kama.

Kobudo is typically taught alongside Karate but many Jujutsu schools also adopt Kobudo weapons into their syllabus.

In the UKBF our Kobudo technical director is Julian Mallalieu who trains and grades under one of the foremost Kobudo masters in the world, Shihan Fumio Demura.

Kobudo includes Okinawan styles such as Matayoshi Ryu and Yamanni Ryu.

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Budo Live September 22

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