• Mark Wood Kyoshi (director) – MW
  • Julian Mallalieu Kyoshi (director) – JM
  • Simon Keegan Kyoshi (director) SK
  • Lee Scowcroft (marketing director) – LS


  • Memberships and licenses
  • Members overview
  • Structure discussion – technical and regional directors
  • Website update
  • Merchandising update
  • Diary dates
  • UKUMA update
  • DBS Update


JM and MW gave update of processed licenses and books.

SK asked if license books could be expanded to offer greater flexibility for different styles to record their grades. MW to look into this for next print run.

In 2018 we welcomed 11 clubs into UKBF. All pleased with steady growth of federation. MW pointed out more regional courses will follow as new members come in.

All agreed Paul Wood had been a good choice for technical advisor for Aikido division. SK said each style of Karate should have its own technical director. Initially with JM looking after Shito Ryu/Shukokai and SK looking after Shotokan/Budokan. MW to continue as Jujutsu/Jujitsu director, JM for Kobudo/Batto. All agreed Judo division will remain open.

All agreed there was no immediate need for regional directors.

SK to write criteria for grades and Shogo.

LS said website should have club listing and will mock up a template. LS also said he would start a blackbelt register on the site. LS asked SK for more stories for the site. SK asked if more pictures and videos could be added.

MW gave update on badges, Tshirts and hoodies. LS said main breast badges would be available as well as sleeve strip badges for those who prefer their club badge on their breast. MW said Tshirts and hoodies are being produced in the previously agreed design, initially in black. MW suggested Tshirts would sell for £18 and hoodies for £25. LS said an ecommerce feature can be built into the website both for merchandise and for prebooking seminar tickets.

SK is meeting Honorary Consul for an update on Japanese Season of Culture.

JM is holding a Kobudo grading in February.

First UKUMA Dan grading of the year will be at the Hombu on March 24. SK noted UKUMA, the non-traditional, non-Japanese branch of UKBF now had members in kickboxing and Kung Fu/Tai Chi.

Batley Budo to take place May 12, a Manchester course in July and Budo Live in September. JM to book venue for Budo Live.

JM said DBS checking facility was now up and running and all agreed with appointment of Sharon Mallalieu as DBS officer. Details to be added to website by LS.

MW to contact all members to invite to next board meeting.

No other business.