Budo Live was everything that is good about martial arts. More than 100 people from all over the country came to the course. Ages from about 8 to 80, grades from white belt to 7th Dan. They trained with five instructors for five hours. The price was £10. You will not find better value than that.

Mark Wood 8th Dan Jujutsu
Julian Mallalieu 7th Dan Karate
Simon Keegan 6th Dan Karate
Keith Prole 6th Dan Karate
Paul Wood 3rd Dan Aikido

Mark Wood taught Jujutsu from his lengthy and varied background training under some of the legends of Jujutsu.

Julian Mallalieu taught Kobudo. He is one of the senior representatives of master Fumio Demura.

Keith Prole, a Karate veteran who is also experienced in kickboxing and Muay Thai taught Karate Do.

Paul Wood taught an Aikido session of which one of my students said “it was fantastic, I’ve never seen anyone move like him”

I taught Karate Jutsu, focussing on a two-man grappling (Tegumi) flow drill (Renzoku).

It was also the relaunch of the UKBF and my fellow directors Julian and Mark did us proud with a very professional looking venue, banners and shomen. Special thanks too for Lee Scowcroft for his marketing expertise in getting our website ready and Michael Townsend for the photography, as well as all the other organisers and helpers. I didn’t get to see the other instructors’ sessions because I was busy teaching the whole day but I’ve heard nothing but glowing reports of all.

From my personal perspective I had instructors, some 5th Dan-7th Dan thank me for an enjoyable session and tell me they would take away and pass on what I’d shown them. And at the same time there were enthusiastic young people who trained diligently and maturely throughout.

Teaching children is not my forte at all And I don’t normally enjoy it, but yesterday I very much enjoyed teaching everyone – and was especially impressed by the little ones keeping concentration for 5 hours! About 20 of us headed out for a Chinese afterwards and it was fantastic to get to know people better. My thanks to Sensei Mark Wood – Budo Live is his baby I appreciate the chance to be part of it, and Sensei Julian Mallalieu for welcoming me into the fold in the first place. I have often been an ‘outsider’ in martial arts but I’m proud to be an insider in this group. Thanks again everyone – this event should have reaffirmed everyone’s faith that traditional martial arts are here to stay!