The UKBF & UKUMA held its first joint instructors meeting on February 17 2019.

The meeting was held at the Hombu in Hyde and attended by around 30 instructors from around the country.

There was no martial arts training, and attendees were asked not to wear their belts and training uniforms – we wanted an informal gathering of equals, with no need to defer to rank. This was purely an opportunity for instructors to get together as friends to know each other and make suggestions.

Attendees included UKBF directors Mark Wood, Julian Mallalieu and Simon Keegan, marketing director Lee Scowcroft, DBS officer Sharon Mallalieu and instructors including Paul Wood, Derrick Parsons, Ian and Sue Watts, Michael Curran, David Schofield, Phil Jennings, Andrew McConville, Julie Wood, Lucy Wilde, Harry Bowater, Neal Jones, Katie Hoult, Jay Bowater, Keith Prole and Donna Bamforth, Lee Nelson, David Keegan, Kerry Jeffery, Jake Arnold, Peter Singleton. Apologies were sent by instructors who could not attend but sent suggestions by email.

Simon Keegan (SK) explained about the launch of the UKBF and confirmed this is all about traditional Japanese/Okinawan martial Arts and advised about the upcoming courses eg: Batley Budo and Budo Live. SK advised that for non-traditional martial arts such as Kick Boxing, or non-Japanese martial arts such as Tai Chi the UKBF has a division called UKUMA.

SK went onto saying its been a really good year and 2019 is already exciting with the up coming Season of Culture, and mentioned about the course in Sale that this was well received.

julian Mallalieu (JM) discussed expanding the licence books so that these cater for the different arts, gradings etc.

It was stated at this present time it will continue to be the three technical directors, Julian Mallalieu, Mark Wood and Simon Keegan and having Technical Advisors to get the quality control having a mentor scheme, these include Paul Wood (Aikido) and David Keegan (Tai Chi). Regional Directors were discussed and felt that this would not be good at this stage.

Lee Scowcroft (LS) is carrying out work on the website and is looking at a number of items being:-

  • Blackbelt Directory
  • Functionality of the web page
  • Photogallery
  • Training times of all the clubs within the UKBF
  • DBSs on line

Sharon Mallalieu is the childcare officer and that these forms are being looked at so that it may be a possibility in the future of completing these online with a note of the fees etc. It was noted that the information required for completion would be full name, date of birth, National Insurance number this is the information with regard to the DRBs that would be filled in on the portal. It is £65 for a full/enhanced and for a volunteer would be £10.40.


  • 12th May – Batley Budo II or BBC2
  • September for Budo Live however they are looking at changing the venue which is yet to be confirmed (Copley).

Mark Wood (MW) is going to be looking at certificates and its entirely up to the clubs whether you are wanting a UKBF certificate or the club’s own. MW has done a Dan Grade Certificate as a standard. The UKBF are wanting to have standards really high and if it means supporting the clubs with whatever they need this is something that they are happy to do.

MW and LS are looking at advertisements, badges £5.50 they might be a discount with regard to any bulk orders.

T-shirts £18
Hoodies £25

SK has advised that he has received some emails with regard to suggestions, these were read out:-
Can fees be paid using PayPal? (LS is going to be looking into this)
Recommended Suppliers? (as numerous clubs using different suppliers, could this be a central ordering system).

It was suggested about having a annual newsletter from the different clubs, and each club could email things and that Donna would do a online newsletter but this would also be a chance for everyone to get involved. Getting to know others, advertising clubs.

It was suggested about getting a email list of everyone so this could be distributed.

Any Questions:-

  • Charmaine asked the question about getting partners help eg for charities and help with marketing.
  • It was suggested about having a get together and the next get together would be at Batley.
  • MW suggested videos clips of each instructor.
  • Kerry suggested having a mini kids budo seminar for children of 10 plus years.

Everyone advised that this is a time to get better/change so it was noted that a number of other social sites would be reviewed such as:-

  • Facebook (already active)
  • Instagram (now actioned)
  • Twitter

Membership forms could be electronic and Sharon and Lee were going to be looking into this.

It was suggested about having a technical Course for blackbelts.

Charmaine Thompson suggested a presentation evening as well as womens self defence course
Ian Watts agreed that self defence courses would be a good idea, as would a legal expert.
Derrick Parsons made suggestions for coaching courses based on military PTI model.

Further ideas included:-

  • Awards/Presentation evenings
  • Student of the year